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The Wonderful Doberman


853, China

Posted August 16, 2014

Virago, in my opinion, is a wonderful watch dog, alert and keen eyed. His sense of smell is also absolutely strong. Towards our family, he is quite open and playful, although his size can be quite daunting at times (imagine a lose train coming right at you --- that's how it feels for me, since I'm relatively short and he is very energetic when let lose around the grounds). Despite that, he is an obedient pet, as he is often quite content to just sit with the family when need be (that's usually only when my dad has Virago sitting next to him).

His main role in our household would be that of being a watchdog. However, he only seems to play this role at night and is quite tame during the day time (we often have visitors coming). At night time, if anyone so much as touches the exterior part of our fence, he barks. And boy is it loud. But this is really the only time we ever do hear him bark at all.

He has quite a sensitive stomach though and we have to be quite careful with what we feed him. We've had to bring out a vet to see him once and he said that Virago had some small dose of poison given to him and we fear that it's probably from someone with harmful intents to commit burglary, seeing as we've always been careful with the food we feed him. Due to that, we've been carefully overseeing what he eats since and have installed perimeter lights just to be on the safe side, making sure no further harm is done to Virago.

All in all, he's a great dog, sleek and graceful.

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