Dogo Argentino

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The BEST guard dog EVER!!!


Colorado, United States

Posted July 10, 2014

This is my favorite, bar none of any protection dog out there!

They are the toughest dog by power to weight ratio, and they are able to use that power in any circumstance.

These dogs hunt and take down 400lb wild boars effortlessly, and will happily do the same to ANYthing that is a threat or danger to you, regardless of their own safety.

these dogs are such cuddle bugs in the home, and one of few POWERFUL dogs I would trust unsupervised with small children as they will watch over them with everything they've got.

These dogs are so smart, and will be trained in a breeze.
Their instincts to hunt down what they are told are still in these breeds, so be careful when commanding a joking "attack" as they may actually do it.

These dogs ONLY let go of the "prey" when you are on scene and physically touch them to release them, but in true Italian and Argentinean couture, they expect you to slit the throat of the kill (So be VERY careful!)

They require a good amount of exercise, physical and mental, and would do best in a home with a lot of land, giving them the job of protecting it.

Training is a must! And they truly enjoy the training too, so it is beneficial for all!

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