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My dogo argentino Hektor


21241, Croatia

Posted April 7, 2015

Thr first think one should know about the dogo argentino is that it is a very big dog that is extremly loyal to its owner and pack. I got Hektor from his previous owner after the later wasnt able to take care of him duo to a fall of a cliff and severe injuries. What one has to understand to know the struggle I had with Hektor the first year is that he was the one dog that after two days of searching found his master in the mountains and by doing so save his life. Thats why they had a great bound with each other so it was very hard for me as well as Hektor in our first year together, but as soon as I got his trust I fell in love. For his characteristics he is a big dog, as already mentioned, so that he eats quit a lot. There groom is white and eventhough it dosent seek much attention it has to be tacken care of at least once a week. Another problem with dogos is that they have big mouths and plenty of salvia to throw around, but the biggest problem these kind giants have is there short lifespan and affection to many diseases wich took him away from us after only 2 short years. Overal the dogo argentino is a great dog but one has to be prepaired to suffer emotinal and financial damage from them, but he is worth it.

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