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Florida, United States

Posted May 10, 2013

Are you looking for a dog to cuddle with you while you watch your favorite movie? How about a family dog that is always by your side? Choosing a Newfoundland may be in your best interest. I have been around Newfoundlands for about eight years now; I don't plan on straying away from the breed.

The positive qualities of this breed overpower the negative ones in my personal experience. They care for their owners with deep passion: sharing, caring, and loving with everything they have. Their brilliant personalities are hardly ever dull. My dog has showed her resentment towards me when I left my hometown for almost a year, leaving her with my mother. I didn’t get a kiss for weeks! It was amusing to see how worked up she could get – they could all hold certain grudges. I eventually got on her good side again, and it was like I never left. If you’re a homebody, Newfoundlands are great company. This breed is known for rescuing, and therefore enjoys swimming – from what I have seen. This can be a good plus if you enjoy boating, picnicking at lake, or strolling along the beach. It’s never tiring for them to see their owner’s face, or hear a recognized voice calling their name. They enjoy your presence as much as you want theirs. Strangers are welcome, as long as they don’t pose a threat towards the family of the house. My dogs are bit more nervous than most other breeds that I have been around, but they are not afraid to bite someone for threatening to hurt them or their housemates. Do you share your space with a few cats? That’s okay, too. It’s almost as if the cats play the role of their offspring. Our home is full of animals, four cats and three dogs. The only fights I have witnessed are between the cats.

All positives are accompanied with a few negatives. For people who enjoy having a very clean home, Newfis may be a breed you need to think extra hard about. Three out of five of my Newfoundlands were wet mouths. The Beethoven movies give a great visual on how disastrous some slobber can be. Unfortunately, they are not exaggerating. I wouldn’t recommend this breed for extremely active people; most of their time is spent taking over the couch spaces next to you, or sleeping in their favorite spot on your floor. Although, that could be different for a puppy raised to be as active as the owner. Being in a family that bred Newfoundlands, I know that breeding can be harmful to their hips - since they are a large breed - if you breed them for too long. A thick coat does mean that there will be balls of fur hiding in various places of your home. To prevent the shedding, our family would recommend Diamond dry food. It kept the coats healthier, making the need for brushing a little less. They require time and some money. It is worth it if you’re looking for a happy companion.

Choosing any pet requires a lot of thinking. Next time you’re looking for a best friend to bring home, consider bringing a Newfoundland into your life. I have never been disappointed with this breed. I hope that my opinion is mirrored by many others.

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