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86531, Sweden

Posted December 23, 2015

I actually got Hero and Star by a pure coincidence. Their previous owner (a relative of mine) could no longer accomodate them and I was asked if I wanted to take care of them. I was a little uncertain at first considering I was so young (only 14) and that they require a lot of attention. But my family that also are dog lovers promised to help me out so the answer was yes!

The best thing about these dogs in my opinion is that they make lovely companions. They are rather friendly and always up for some fun but also capable of speaking up and functioning as guard or watch dogs to some degree. Grooming was a tad difficult at times and Hero had some health issues but all in all it didn't present much of a problem. Of course they perform the best when used for hunting elks but I never got to see them in action so I couldn't say from personal experiences.

The downside is that they do require plenty of exercise. Which is fine if you are a very athletic person yourself but if you just want to go for a short walk now and then it won't really keep them satisfied. They are also strong dogs with a lot of pull and I wouldn't recommend letting children or older people walk or handle them.

Also they are first and foremost interested in hunting. So while I do believe they lead a fairly happy life with me & my family, it's not really the kind of dog you would get just for socializing or as a guard dog etc.

I do miss them quite a lot even to this day but I am happy I got to share some fun years with them! All in all, I recommend them if you plan to use them for hunting and also want a dog that will fit nicely in with the family.

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