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Virginia, United States

Posted July 21, 2014

Corgis are adorable, let's face it. Those tiny bodies and stubby legs and big ears. But boy do these dogs have moxie! Bred for herding, Corgis retain boundless and endless energy. You can sprint them all day and still they will not rest.
If properly socialized from puppy hood Corgis are social butterflies. Demanding attention from every stranger they see. My own Corgi would bark and pout if a stranger was not 'awwwing' over him. He loved other dogs as well and wanted to be accepted by everyone. Although if not properly socialized they do have the capacity to be quite territorial so make sure you introduce them to new people every day.
I do not recommend Corgis for single person households or apartments. They need a fenced in yard or better yet, a farm. Corgis need to run, a lot. Corgis need people to play with them, a lot. Excellent pet for a family with multiple children with an equal amount of energy that can give them the playtime. But not too young of children as Corgis will herd them (this goes for cats too).
Another thing about Corgis is they shed. They have a double coat for keeping them warm and dry for herding in rough weather conditions. So around shedding time expect to pull another Corgi worth of hair off of your dog.
Corgis are very intelligent and they can be troublesome to train, they require a strong and confident leader, no coddling here.
Overall they are great, well rounded and hardy dogs for someone who is experienced in dogs and knows how to train them. Having a large property with plenty of children and animals to herd and stimulate Corgis is also ideal.

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