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Cookies for my Cookie


2655-420, Portugal

Posted August 16, 2014

Cookie was a scared dog. She still is. She can't see men, because her first owner used to treat her really bad. And strangers fright her as well. Even though, she is sweet as a Cookie. A puppy inside a big dog. She is extremely tender to us and kids and also gets along well with the other dog and with the cats. She is just a bit clumsy. I don't think she realizes her size and she can easily hurts us with her excited greetings. She loves being around. Everywhere I go she wants to go to. Most of the times she doesn't bark, just when her older sister starts. In case of danger I know she would come to me instead of saving me, but that's the way she is. She has a though health though and is very easy to groom meaning she looks always pretty and fresh like a cow in the fields. Dogs are special, they like to interact with us, they feel happy when we return home, they show us their love and appreciation. That 's why I love them! Having a dog is like having another kid. They are always looking for some attention. If you don't wish to give it to them maybe you should consider a cat. I like cats a lot as well, but they aren't so dependable on us.

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