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United States

Posted March 10, 2016

Bert was my grandmother's dog, and when she passed away, I was left with him and his brother, Ernie, who is no longer with us. She got them as puppies, but I feel like they must've had some sort of bad experience with men before she bought them, because neither of them would let me approach them. While Ernie seemed ready to fight about it(though he would never ACTUALLY try anything), Bert would simply leave the room when I entered it, or hide in a corner. Today, he still tries to hide from me, but will happily sit in my girlfriend's or female roommate's laps without a second thought. He sleeps with my female roommate, or with my other dog(also female) if she isn't home. Other than that, he has a short list of problems; he still has a serious problem with going in the house, but I can't house-train him because he won't let me near him. His thick, curly, rapidly-growing fur is extremely difficult to groom(mostly because I have to actively chase him if nobody else is home), and gets dirty very quickly. Beyond that, he's actually very athletic and can jump very high, and we have a slight problem with his frustrating ability to make his way onto the counters, and in one case(while I was at work), into a cupboard to eat an entire bag of chocolate chips, which he promptly vomited all over the carpet and couch. Having said that, we do love Bert.

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