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Connecticut, United States

Posted July 17, 2016

We got Pepper a long time ago when her figure was more similar to a jelly bean than a dog- incredibly small and stout. As she aged, she became what, compared to most dogs, looks like a puppy. She had been born to be incredibly cute.

I typically prefer larger dog breeds, but the decision to own a dog was not in my fourth/fifth grade hands, so we got a small, non-allergenic dog to cater to those in the house who had allergies. Mini poodles are one of those breeds that have hair instead of fur, so they don't shed nearly as much as a lot of other dogs.

Mini poodles are also one of the smartest dog breeds, so talking and playing with her was fun. (Though sometimes she'd give you a bit of sass, such as her indefinite need to have the last word.) She was incredibly anti-social, though, and gatherings were a hassle. She rarely ever bit anyone but she sure sounded like she would, especially when there were kids running around. She was not fond of that at all. She would also get snarly when I would hit my brother with a pillow, suggesting she was not a fan of such suggestively violent activity.

All the way up to her death she was generally very active in the evenings and always welcoming us when we came to the door. She had her set group of people she liked being around and that was it. She passed away from a heart condition with very little time of suffering prior to then. Would recommend to small families with kids who are on their way of being grown up- especially if someone has a fur allergy.

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