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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

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Austin, Texas, United States

Posted January 23, 2017

I first saw my poodle at an animal shelter, she was clean, but had overgrown hair. Her kennel was the cleanest, most prim and proper space out of all of the cages there. She hadn't touched her food, and her newspaper was still completely intact on the floor of her cage. I think she was probably depressed at having been abandoned. After 3 days of returning to the shelter to play with her, I decided to adopt. Something I immediately noticed: this poodle needed a lot of human contact. She is only slightly anxious when I leave every day and extremely excited and jumpy when I return. In addition, my mini poo is very cuddly and sleeps by me every night instead of the dog bed that I bought for her.
Poodles are by far the easiest dogs to train, and they should be. They require frequent mental stimulation and are very smart. I have taught my Zoey to sit, jump up on her hind legs, lay down, and roll over with treats.
The only thing that I might say is a negative is her constant coat maintenance. Her hair grows fast and she needs a bath probably once a week because she starts to smell bad (which I attribute to anxious sweating because I am gone during the day). And then blow drying her is a chore because she is extremely afraid of the blow dryer and will try to attack it. Inevitably, she will usually bite one of my fingers because of this.

Otherwise, she is as cute as can be and I love her to death and this is the breed of dog I would recommend over all others.

A miscellaneous factoid: poodles are hypoallergenic and don't shed at all (or very, very little) so that is a plus!

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