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My Crazy Toy Poodle


Great Falls, Montana, United States

Posted January 14, 2015

I own a 4 year old black Toy Poodle named Nino. Of course I love him to death, but if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have gotten a Poodle. My regret, which I take sole responsibility for because I didn't do any research before I bought him, stems from the fact that Poodles have the worst, most high maintenance hair ever! And I say hair because Poodles don't have fur like most dogs. Granted Poodles are hypoallergenic, which is fantastic, but their hair grows like human hair and everything gets caught in it, leading to big knots if you're not attentive enough. Their hair is crazy hair! It's frizzy, curly, knotty, and it grows faster than my own hair. I'm constantly getting his hair cut. The only thing I heard about Poodles before I got mine, was that they're extremely intelligent. That was enough for me, I was sold on that. Yes they are extremely intelligent dogs, but in my opinion, they should either be trained by a professional or owned by a confident, experienced pack leader. Although I have been around dogs my entire life, and I try to be the one in charge, for some reason my Toy Poodle thinks I'm a joke. He's 4 now and he still has a few bad habits that he's been disciplined for a thousand times. He's stubborn, barks constantly and his bark is a high pitched, shrill sound that goes right through you, and despite being a big chicken he acts like he's a Rottweiler. Yep, little dog syndrome. He goes after and actually intimidates my parent's German Shepherd! He growls, snarls, barks and then charges! At the last possible second before attacking, he turns around and casually goes back to whatever he was doing before! Between his hair care needs, his incessant barking, and his crappy attitude toward everyone but my mother and I, I definitely would not recommend a Poodle to anyone... Except maybe a circus trainer. ;)

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