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United States

Posted September 20, 2015

So, I had never had a small breed dog before Daisy. I was a little hesitant, because many of the small breed dogs I have known were yappy and snappy. I did some homework on training small breed dogs before we picked Daisy up, and I think she has turned out to be a very good dog with some exceptions.

First, the good. Daisy is a complete lover to people. She's the definition of lap dog and will stay and enjoy attention for hours. She loves kids. She's super easy to bath (single coat), and there is almost no grooming required. She is fairly obedient, and rarely will have any troublesome moments.

Now, the bad. She's somewhat dominant towards other dogs...including 55 pound huskies. She's bitten off more than she can chew with my family's dogs on numerous occasions. Now, she's is with my ex in a single dog home, and that is probably for the best with her. This may not be a breed thing, but is surely is a Daisy thing.

Next, she is a terrier. Her twitch response is pretty incredible. She will bark at a blowing leaf, or anything that moves. She will chase squirrels with reckless abandon. I would not trust her around a cat or small animal...ever. She's a rat terrier, bred to kill rats. She is also pretty noisy towards strangers and passing cars. Not quite as bad as I feared, but still pretty yappy.

Last, her single coat does clean up easily, but it gives her almost no protection. If you think putting a sweater on a small dog is the most ridiculous thing ever (I did before Daisy), then be warned. They have no body fat or fur to keep them warm. You will be dressing your doggie up to go outside. Otherwise you will see them shiver for an hour afterwards. Also, even a cool, rainy day is too cold for them. So, I hope you like playing dress up with your puppy!

As a family animal, I think rat terriers are super. As a dog in a multiple pet home, maybe not.

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