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My dog Eddie, a Rat Terrier


United States

Posted September 24, 2015

I've had my Rat Terrier Eddie for about 2 years. He came from the pound. I don't understand why nobody wanted him because he's great. He was in the pound for months! And before that, he was in the pound in the next town. I think people want puppies because they are cuter but I prefer an older dog. Eddie was a little bit confused when he first came home; he was always trying to run away (and he did a couple of times!). Now he's very attached to me and actually follows me when I take him to the dog park, and he doesn't have the leash on. Eddie is an explorer; he likes to chase squirrels and small animals. He's very nice to other dogs that he meets but doesn't pay a lot of attention to them. He wants to smell everything and pee everywhere! Once, I counted how many times he peed when I took him for a walk. It was over 20 times! Sorry if this is too much information but I think it's funny.
Eddie doesn't fetch or play with any toys but he likes to play with the dog next door. He is very patient and not demanding. I like that a lot about him. He waits for me in the morning to get out of bed and waits for me to feed him. He's attached to me now and wants to go with me everywhere. He loves car rides and runs to the gate when I'm grabbing my car keys and putting my jacket on. He likes to sunbathe and stay warm but he hates cold weather and snow.
As cute and gentle as he is, the problem I have with him is that he sheds and I have to vacuum often. Other than that, he's a great dog!

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