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Copper, My childhood dog


United States

Posted June 12, 2016

My parents bought Copper when I was 7 years old. He was so tiny and scared when we brought him home. He warmed up to us real fast though. He was quite hyper as a young dog and even until he was at least ten years old he was a very active dog. He just loved and loved to run. He would run figure eights and run right at you and swerve at the last minute. He was a smart dog. He knew how to sit and stay and come when called. One downside is that he was always food possessive. He was eating scraps from our compost pile and I tried to push him away from it with my foot and he bit my foot. He was still less than a year old at that point. that was the only time I can remember him biting anyone. He was a very good lap dog and loved to snuggle! he was short haired so needed no grooming other Occasional bath. he loved other dogs. We moved to a farm a year after we got him and he loved that because he would just run all day long and explore the fields and woods. If we were going for a walk as a family he would always follow us. He got along very well with cats also. He never ever hurt any of our farm animals or any other animal for that matter. When he got to be older he spent more time inside on the sofa and sometimes couldn't make it outside to go to the bathroom. I got married and moved away so I no longer lived with my parents for the last few years of his life. One day he just never came back inside and my parents called for him and searched for him but they never found him. They think he just wandered off to die on his own. He was the best dog I could have had growing up and I love him!

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