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Lily the Staffy



Posted August 3, 2015

We decided to get Lily, an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier, because our last dog had been a Staffy and had been such a lovely-natured, loyal pet. Lily was three months old when we got her and, though she was a nervous puppy, she trained easily--she learnt to sit and heel well and will mostly come when called (unless there's a cat around!)

She's an exuberant and energetic dog. She's good with the kids, though can be a little boisterous at times and we have to be wary of her jumping up on the kids when she’s excited. She is calming as she gets older (I recall our last Staffy was also energetic and bouncy as a young puppy, but by about three or four years old she was quite placid). Lily has a habit of barking at her bowl and chasing it around to get our attention when she feels she is being ignored and she wants to play, but other than this, she isn't much of a barker.

Lily's biggest downfall is her obsession with chasing cats. Though she has grown up with cats always around, she is obsessed with chasing them! She will even climb trees to go after them. She does it in a playful way (though the cats don't think it's such a fun game) and has yet to actually catch or hurt one. She is great with the other animals on our farm, including our little bottle-fed goats that hang around in the yard with her.

As a breed I think Staffies make a great family pet. They are loyal, low-maintenance and great with kids (Lily will even quite happily share her food with my toddler!) Just be aware of their energetic nature when they are young.

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