Staffordshire Bull Terrier

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Acquired: Rescue / shelter organization

Gender: Male

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Troy, Michigan, United States

Posted November 17, 2015

I love this breed. They are very similar to Pit Bulls, but are normally smaller and can be more muscular. They have energy and need exercise, but are not hyper dogs. My dog TJ loved to go on runs with me and play in the yard, but would fall asleep on the couch with me most nights too! He had been used as bait dog for fighting, and came to us with a number of scars. He was my favorite dog and really bonded with me extremely fast. He would sometimes be nervous around strangers, but never even thought about nipping and was fine after a minute of getting used to them. They are very healthy dogs and don't have any specific medical issues that the breed is prone to. Mine have all been great with other dogs. Very good watch dogs and protectors, but are great around welcome guests! They are ok with kids, but should have some supervision, since they could very easily knock over a little kid. Very little grooming needed, they have very short hair! They are not apartment dogs, since they do require some exercise. Many apartments and rental situations have restrictions against "bully breed" dogs as well. The ideal home for a Staffy is a home with a fenced in yard and an active owner or family who can take him/her to training classes and daily walk/runs.

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