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Posted November 17, 2015

Biggie was, well, big. When I first met him, I actually was afraid because his black coloring and huge, muscled physique made him look terrifying. He came running at me full speed and I was sure that was my last day on earth. However, when he got to me, I was greeted with kisses, not teeth. Biggie was the reason I changed my mind about staffordshire bull terriers (often better known as pit bulls), a breed which is unfortunately discriminated against and criminalized by the media. Biggie was gentle: he used to “babysit” my roommate’s 2 year old while she cleaned the house. Even though he was prone to running into walls and knocking over furniture on accident, he never once ran into the baby or into me. He would slow down and move carefully around people, as if he knew how powerful he really was. Biggie also was incredibly smart! He knew how to sit, fetch, and do basically any other command I told him. He never barked unless there was a real threat. He never had an accident (he once held it for two days when a bad dog sitter forgot to let him out!). Biggie was fine with cats and other animals (except for squirrels!). Biggie also was a great running companion; he knew to stay on one side and to keep at my pace. His ears used to perk up whenever he heard me say “want to go for a run?”
I would recommend pit bulls to anyone! They are gentle, laid back, calm dogs as long as you raise and socialize them correctly. They do require exercise (they are balls of muscle, so duh!). A run in the morning and afternoon will usually do it. Provide them with lots of large, durable toys because their bites are VERY STRONG and they like to have something to chew on. The only downfall to having a pit bull is that their extreme strength makes them escape artists, so never leave a pit bull unattended in a fenced-in yard: they will jump over the fence. Sadly, my Pitbull died by being hit by a car when he was let out on a bathroom break and decided to explore the great beyond this way.

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