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Loved my Westie!!!!


Georgia, United States

Posted February 26, 2014

I adored our Westie! His name was Tutor and he was a traveling dog. He absolutely loved car rides and long trips and vacations with us. He was pure white, obviously, so he did shed a bit and he was pretty high-maintenance as far as his grooming went. It helped that he was so small and easy to travel with, too.
He did like to yap, especially when he was younger. He wasn’t super great around kids, because I don’t think he had the patience for them, but he never would harm a child.
He was a smart little dog, and a happy one. He was super adaptable and loved to experience new things. He was really like a little person! He was good with other dogs in the sense that he just didn’t care that they were there. He just went about his own business. When I think about Tutor, he should have been a dog in a Hugh Hefner robe with round spectacles on his nose, a book in his hand, and a fancy pipe in his mouth! He really thought he was superior to other animals—but it was funny! He was never mean or growly about it, he just had his nose—literally—up in the air.
What made Tutor content was what made us content. He wanted to be doing what we wanted to be doing and that made him the perfect little companion. He wasn’t highly active unless we wanted to go outside and play.
I think a Westie is a perfect breed for a young professional, a traveler, or even a couple without kids who want a cool companion.

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