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Longitudinal Study of Aging in Pet Dogs

Despite the wealth of veterinary expertise in treating elderly companion animals, there has never been a comprehensive, detailed study of aging in dogs or cats. The goal of this component of the Dog Aging Project is to perform the first nationwide, large-scale longitudinal study of aging in pet dogs, where individual animals will be followed throughout life to understand the biological and environmental factors that determine why some dogs die early or succumb to diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, and dementia, while others live to a relatively old age free from these problems.

Similar longitudinal studies of aging in humans have yielded a wealth of important data, but require decades to perform. What takes decades in people will take just years in dogs. Using cutting-edge technologies, in less than a decade we could identify the critical factors that would help our pets stay healthy longer, with added bonus that we will be able to compare our outcomes to those from the human studies.

Click here if you are interested in having your dog participate in the Canine Longitudinal Study of Aging.

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