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Most dog owners have a love / hate relationship with dog booties. Sure, they can save paws from winter cold or summer heat, but they're not user-friendly, and can be a challenge to put on.

Dog booties are great for walking in the summer, when even beach sand can get lava hot, and in winter when walking in a winter wonderland could give your dogs feet a visit from Jack Frostbite. Dog boots are also helpful when a dog has nail or foot pad injuries.

Some dog owner reviews of Dog Boots

Dog booties save paws but are a total pain to put, and keep, them on.
When it comes to dog boots, I feel equal parts hate and love. Love, because they do such a good job protecting paws from wintertime woes like slush, snow and salt. Hate, because they're such a pain in the butt to keep them on your dog's paws. And I'm not the only one who feels this animosity. My dogs have all given boots the stink-eye each and every time they're removed from the hallway closet.

With many of my dogs, there was simply no choice but to use boots. I found that it wasn't necessarily a dog size issue as I've had pups of many breeds that really needed booties. With my larger breeds, specifically the Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever, this winter wear was an absolute must, more so than a winter jacket. The reason being, the fur/hair between their toes repeatedly developed snow balls that were so large they hindered my dog, simultaneously limiting their ability to walk and freezing their paws.

By LindsayPereira
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The trick to getting a dog used to boots is to wear 3 at first.

Using boots on your dog may help to keep the nail and foot protected from the elements for walks. You do not want the injury getting wet, dirty or in winter, exposed to salt from roads and sidewalks. If the injury is bad, irritated, or being made worse from boots, you may need to cut out walks for a few days.

If you do need to put boots on your dog, you may find it is easier to apply THREE boots rather than one or all four. If you only put a boot on one leg your dog will be reluctant to walk with that leg and will concentrate on getting that boot off. If you put them on all four and your dog is not used boots, they will also walk strangely. The trick to getting them used to boots is to wear 3 at first. The bare foot will help them feel the floor. Once they are comfortable with 3 boots, add the fourth.

By PetIQ
Alberta, Canada

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