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It was college.. I was visiting a friends parent's house when I met my first giant curly haired dog. It was a labradoodle.. at the same time I was volunteering at a hospice center where they needed pet therapy dogs.. I started researching and it seemed like the stars were aligning. I was set on finding a poodle mix. There are endless amounts of "doodles" and I came across a woman who was going to breed her Goldendoodle for the first time with a male standard Poodle. This is considered an F1B... and I can tell you he does not shed at all.. his hair is wayyyy poodle like :)

When the puppies were born I visited about once a week and I was set on getting one based off of pictures but when I was there Trio picked me and he has been by my side ever since. I picked him up when he was 12 weeks old and since then we have been on one big adventures with many ventures in between. He is a very loyal dog and will do just about anything I want do. I lived in Michigan for the first 3 years of his life and we would travel by car A TON (his head out the window of coarse), we took a year of obedience training, we camped, canoed, swam, hiked in the snow. He is also a super family dog. One year was spent living with my sisters newborn baby and they were inseparable and they still have a great bond to this day.

The last three years of his life have been spent in Nashville TN. He is definitely a city loving dog as well! From sitting at cafes and getting pets to walking to the nearest dog park and being social with other furry friends (just be careful of chicken bones on the sidewalk, maybe its a southern thing.. but he loves em..err)

Being a single lady for the first 4 years of his life is pretty funny to reflect back on and remember how I could tell if he didn't like a guy I brought around or more importantly how the guy liked Trio. Trio can definitely be protective of me in a lot of way.. sometimes barking at unwanted strangers. but that is not always a bad thing in my opinion.

Because he needs several trips to the groomer a year and their hair grows like humans.. you can creative with his hair. I am a hairstylist so our looks our constantly changing. A golden doodle is perfect for your inner artist :) One time i gave him a top knot ponytail.. he did not like it.. he let me know by rubbing his head against the wall. Super Communicator. ("ma, I am a dog.. not a hipster doodle)

My experience with Trio has been wonderful and as you can tell I have had several life changes and he rolls with it. I never really had a problem with him chewing things, or house broken issues.. He has eaten a socks before and that gave me a scare. While a dog having a sock in thier mouth may be cute a few times.. if your not paying attention.. the sock eating can turn into unwanted stomach pain in your pooch. It felt as if the vet turned into my mom to remind me to keep my room clean and also just a friendly reminder to be paying attention to your dogs needs.

Overall I would say Goldendoodles are social, goofy, loyal, supersmart, intuitive, and personality adapting dogs.

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Tennessee, United States


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