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Rottweilers are my passion, however, they are not the dog for everyone.  I have owned and loved this breed for 10+ years, starting with a rescue, and then purchasing my first Rottweiler pup 2 1/2 years ago.  And, having gone from having an adult to suddenly facing the challenges of puppyhood, and a dominant puppy at that it was difficult at best.  But, with lots and lots of training and lots of corrections, I now have one of the most loving, adorable Rottweiler girls you could ever meet.If you are not prepared to be challenged by your dog, and are not able to meet the challenge in a nice way, do not get this breed.   Rottweilers are a breed that requires a strong Alpha figure.  If that is not you, please do not get a Rott. 
  Through her and her breeder, and many contacts I have made in the past few years, and the research I have done, it is so sad to know that this breed faces many challenges in today's society.  From being labeled a bad breed, to health issues that are not necessarily known to the common person.  When choosing a Rottweiler, you must be careful who you buy from.  BYB produce puppies for the money and do not care about this breed.  They usally do not do the necessary health testing before breeding and most of them do not do temperament testing on their dogs either.  Purchaing from one of them, you never know what you might get.  Hip, elbow problems, or worse yet, IMO, heart problems.  6 month old pups dropping death because their hearts give out.  My girl, though purchased from show stock has a sibling with the heart murmur.  So, it can even strike good quality Rottweilers as well as the BYB.  But most COE's now have the hearts tested on their breeding stock. 
I love my Rottweilers, and will never be without one.  My show girl just passed her hip and elbow clearances, so I am very pleased about that.  Her heart will be done soon, so hopefully that goes well.  But, she will not be bred before she has gotten her AKC Championship, if she is ever bred.  But mostly, I enjoy the challenges of the show ring.  Competing against professionals and coming away the winner is always wonderful.

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Pennsylvania, United States


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