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I grew up on a farm in Iowa and probably spent more time with animals than people.
We had the proverbial Old MacDonald's farm.
We raised beautiful Arabian horses. (Think The Black Stallion)
And some quarter horses and ponies.
I had a pinto pony and an Arab gelding.
My daily chores included feeding chickens, ducks, rabbits, horses, cows, hogs, cats and dogs. Of course, to be fair, there were four of us kids, so we shared that workload.
We also had some sheep for awhile--sheep are dumb--and a couple of goats.
The kid goat was pure white, so of course we named her Snow White.
We also had a pet runt piglet named "Tiny" that eventually grew to be humongous. I've had raccoons, lizards and snakes.
Of course many dogs over my life, and cats too.
Can't imagine what life would be like without the animals in our life.

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