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There has never come a time when I have not had any pets and there never will be. I grew up as a shy only child in a small town, and while I did have a few “people” friends, I spent most of my spare time with my pets.
Before I even learned to walk, my parents and I would always go camping for at least three weeks in the summer and I feel quite at home in nature. Over the years we became a popular campsite to walk by – I would bring all of my pets with me, I couldn’t leave them at home. Initially, it was just the two cats and the dog although it became apparent we were going to need a bigger fifth wheel when I brought the frog and the hedgehog.
I love animals, I’m always drawn to the unusual and I’m obsessed about naming animals whether they’re mice we catch and release or a Venus Flytrap.

I currently I share my family with two cats, Misha (after the actor Misha Collins), Lily and a Venus Flytrap named Franklin. I'm between more permanent residence right now, but once I'm settled I do plan on getting another hedgehog and a dog.

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