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A rare hound from the Sahel of West Africa, the Azawakh are like living art to me. Primarily a working dog trainer (for protection/police work, herding and field trial retriever), I live with a rather large population of these beautiful hounds.

They fascinate me because they are complex. Physically, they are classified as belonging to the sight hound category, and they are equipped with excellent running gear - which evolved for the purpose of heat dissipation, not for hunting. At heart they are a hound, and they roo like one! The Azawakh are super intelligent, very loving and loyal to their family (or pack), and at the same time, highly suspicious of strangers. You don't have to live with one to love one - you can enjoy their beauty depicted in abundant images accessible everywhere.

The plural of the word Azawakh is still Azawakh - just like the word information, or sheep.

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California, United States


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