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Where do I begin? I had my very first pet in junior high. He was a hamster named Whitey. I've loved them ever since, and have had many over the years. My family first got a cat then, too, and I've continued to have them since I moved away from home. I've had a two dogs, one after the other, in the last eleven or so years, both of which were rescues, the latest one just this past April 24th. I have, at present, three cats, one robo hamster, one Betta fish, several toads, a guinea pig, several millipedes, five slimy salamanders, and a very small Sheltie. I've had anole lizards, tree frogs and other types of frogs, as well as skinks and snakes. Many of these critters have been native to this area. And let's not forget the tarantulas, as well as some spiders, and walking sticks, and praying mantises I've had as pets. I don't think I've forgotten anything.


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