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My name is Peter. I have been raised since birth to love animals, and I do- very much. As a child, I always wished to have some sort of pet for my own. My partents owned two elderly cats- a black cat and a brown tabby. They were friendly and affectionate, but not very active. After they passed away, my family and I were lonely with no animal companionship. One day when I came home from school, two weeks after our second cat, I found that my father had bought a small black cat. He was friendly and enjoyed being pet, but hated being picked up. Our next pet was a beagle walker hound cross- one of the most stubborn dogs that ever lived. Next we went through a whole aquarium of goldfish and guppies. Eventually I bought a leopard gecko, a beautiful but shy lizard. I moved on to amphibians next- poison dart frogs, to be exact. Today, I have a beagle walker hound cross, two cats, a green beta fish, a leopard gecko, two green poison dart frogs, two blue poison dart frogs, and two golden poison dart frogs.
I have plans on expanding my pet collection still further and am planning a career in herpetology.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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