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Let me quickly give an overview about my dog and really the reason I love it. It’s a male German shepherd dog which is well proportioned and very strong. The body is sturdy, muscular, slightly elongated with the head proportion to its body. The nose is most often black. The teeth meet in a strong scissors bite. The dark eyes are almond-shaped. Its ears are wide at the base, pointed, upright and protrude forward. The ears of puppies under six months may drop slightly with the bushy tail reaching below the hocks and hanging down when the dog is at rest. The thighs are thick with the front legs and shoulders muscular.
My dog is very courageous, keen, alert and fearless. I am proud about those and in addition cheerful, obedient, clever and eager to learn. It’s extremely faithful, and brave. It has a high learning ability. If you stay some days at my yard, you will appreciate my dog. Let me add, it might bite you if care is not taken. It barks when it feels it is necessary while it barks when I feel it’s unnecessary as it disturbs my leisure hours.
It has been able to adjust to different trainings right from puppy-hood. Despite the trainings sometimes, I beat it because it chose to be stubborn and ‘misbehaved’. After such treatment, it do receive delicious, scent meal.
I love walking the dog holding the head beside. We sometimes play small ball and it definitely outrun me when I try to race with it just for the fun. I love the sniffy nose to locate intruders. I hate when the dog has infection or feeling sick not eating. I treat it with immediate effect.
I hate its hair constantly falling off. It really shed that lot which is why I rub the body and brush it to make it attracting. I do check my dog’s ears and inter-claws to make sure it’s clean. Not that smelly but I bathe it when necessary.


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