Treatment Name: Surgical Procedures: Female Spaying (Ovariectomy - OVE)

Treatment Type: Medical and Surgical Procedures

Rated for: Dachshund / Pug Mix

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Mammary tumours are the most common neoplasm in intact female dogs and account for approximately half of all neoplasms in the bitch

DVM Ivana Vukasinovic



Posted Jul. 17, 2018

Almost 50% of breast cancers are malignant, and half of this number become metastasized by the time they are diagnosed. Sex hormones play a important role in developing tumors on mammary glands, so intact females have 7 times bigger risk.
The studies have shown that the risk of containing tumors is directly proportional to the age of ovariohysterectomy. Data clearly indicate the preventive role of ovariectomy prior to the second estrus.
Ovariectomy has no effect on already developed malignant tumors, but it can increase survival time in dogs with tumors if done at least 2 years before the tumor diagnosis (this means that if the dog has a big statistical chance of containing a tumor, this surgery could help his chances).

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