Treatment Name: Recovery Collars: Inflatable Collars

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

Rated for: Dachshund / Australian Cattle Dog Mix

/ 5
Easy to use
/ 5

Not effective, except as a comical decoration

DVM Ivana Vukasinovic



Posted Jul. 24, 2018

This product is never my recommendation. Sure, dogs are miserable while wearing hard collars, but there are a good reason for these collars. Dogs will bite, lick and scratch problematic parts, or even remove the stitches and make even worse problems.
These collars are usually being held on only by piece of Velcro. It is easy for a dog to find a way to touch the spot we are trying to protect by a collar, and other important thing, these collars are very sensitive to bites and scratches so they will deflate easily.
Other minus is the price - they are even more expensive then the traditional "cone of shame".

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