Treatment Name: Ancef etc. (Cefazolin)

Treatment Type: Medications

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Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Aug. 16, 2018

Initial antimicrobial treatment of sepsis should be based on presumed causal microorganisms, but since it's not always easy to guess the causal microorganism we tend to go for the broadest spectrum we can achieve. Besides the broad spectrum, antibiotics used for the treatment of sepsis must be in a solution which can be applied intravenously, they shouldn't be toxic for vital organs, especially liver and kidneys, which are more vulnerable or even already damaged due to sepsis.

Sepsis is usually treated with a combination of at least two, in some cases more antibiotics, depending on suspected causal microorganisms. The core of the treatment which covers gram-positive and part of the gram-negative spectrum is either a penicillin or a cephalosporin. The choice between the two again depends on suspected causal microorganisms, but also on the vet's own preference, since the most used antibiotics from these classes have a similar spectrum of activity.

While Cefazolin can be used, it's not really the best choice, it's a 1st generation cephalosporine, which means it's really old, there is a lot of resistance to it, and it has a narrower spectrum then 3rd generation cephalosporins which are the ones usually used in the case of sepsis.

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