Treatment Name: Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks Dog Treats

Treatment Type: Foods and Treats

Rated for: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix

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Potty Training Wonder




Borden, Indiana, United States

Posted Nov. 16, 2018

About a year ago, my family brought home our third dog, Thor. He was a little over a year old, at the time, with little potty training. For years my family had used dog treats simply to treat our dogs to something other than their dog food. However, since we had a new dog without any house training, we found another use for the treats. Whenever the dog would take his "business" outside instead of finding the nearest TV stand or table leg, we would give him a treat. The positive reinforcement did wonders. Thor no longer does his business inside, and now looks forward to the occasional treats like my family's other two dogs. Now, because there are multiple flavors of dog treats, we allow the dogs to choose which one they preferred by holding out two different flavors for them.

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