Treatment Name: Recovery Collars: Hard Plastic Elizabethan Collars

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A must for the unfortunate ear hematoma!




Bradenton, Florida, United States

Posted Dec. 8, 2018

This elizabethan collar may be a pain to deal with, and your dog might run into your leg with it on, but it is a savior! An ear hematoma is very common is large long eared dogs, however, it has been seen in cats and multiple dog breeds. It is caused by the trauma to the blood vessels in the ear flap, and/or from constant shaking of the head, for example, from allergies or ear mites. An elizabethan collar is recommended upon treating the hematoma. Please be aware that the underlying cause for the scratching or head shaking must be found.

To treat the hematoma, a large incision is made directly on top of the hematoma and drained. Sometimes, if big enough, it is sutured to allow for continuous drainage/won't refill with blood. The ear is then bandaged tightly to the head.
After surgery or drainage treatment, an Elizabethan collar is often placed around the animal's head. This collar keeps the animal from scratching/ breaking the sutures open and having it refill with blood. Often, the Elizabethan collar and the bandage are removed by the veterinarian post surgery. Collar wear time 0-3 weeks post surgery. Bandage wear time can range from 0-6 days post surgery.

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