Treatment Name: Apoquel (oclacitinib)

Treatment Type: Medications

Rated for: Belgian Malinois / Australian Cattle Dog Mix

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Easy to use
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Highly effective itch control




Broadway, Virginia, United States

Posted Dec. 12, 2018

Apoquel is a caplet that is prescribed by a veterinarian for itching and allergies. It works great to control itching due to atopic dermatitis, environmental allergies, seasonal allergies, and flea allergies. It works quickly and does not have the same side-effects as steroids. It is much safer for long-term use. Typically, it is dosed twice a day for an initial treatment period, but is used once daily for long-term maintenance. My own dog has seasonal allergies and I am able to use it as needed throughout the spring, summer, and fall months to control her itching and prevent skin infections due to itching.

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