Treatment Name: Heartgard Plus Chewables etc. (ivermectin/pyrantel pamoate)

Treatment Type: Antiparasitics

Rated for: Beagle

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50/50 on Effectiveness

JMalone CVT



Goreville, Illinois, United States

Posted Dec. 24, 2018

Not only have I used this product for my own pets, but I see it leave the clinic I work in several times a day. My thoughts are always the same. How long will it be before that pet has a positive heartworm test at their routine annual exam?

Unfortunately, some products simply do not work well. Ivermectin, the main ingredient in Heartgard is simply a product that has become ineffective against heartworms. As fleas and ticks have become resistant over the years to specific products as do mosquitos.

I have noted on several occasions, but two very recently. One instance was dogs that shared the same pen both consistently on Heartgard Plus every 30 days year around. One dog was positive and the other was negative. Another instance, two female beagle littermates. Both on a very strict schedule of Heartgard as heartworm preventative. Both dogs were heartworm positive.

My dog became heartworm positive after being on Heartgard Plus and unfortunately many of the dogs that I will test at my clinic will be positive after being on Heartgard Plus every 30 days consistently year around. I do not recommend Heartgard anymore especially to those pets who spend a lot of time outside.

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