Treatment Name: Decadron etc. (dexamethasone)

Treatment Type: Medications

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Steroids are old school

JMalone CVT



Goreville, Illinois, United States

Posted Jan. 12, 2019

In my opinion, steroids such as dexamethasone for conditions that involve chronic pain and inflammation are ineffective. Steroids will help pain by reducing inflammation it is true. Steroids are great for those one time acute injuries that need a quick anti-inflammatory.

If your pet is suffering from hip dysplasia or osteoarthritis then, steroids are not going to help without injuring another part in the body. If hip dysplasia is a chronic problem then steroids is not a chronic treatment. This is the reason. Steroids, if used over a long period of time, can suppress the own body's ability to produce its own hormones needed. If a patient will be having surgery soon then, use of steroids prior to surgery and after surgery for a short time is not a bad thing. Using steroids when surgery is not going to be an option can cause a side effect that could decrease your pet's quality of life.

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