Treatment Name: Recovery Collars: Hard Plastic Elizabethan Collars

Treatment Type: Lifestyle Products

Rated for: German Shorthaired Pointer

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Easy to use
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Easy, effective, and low-maintenance




Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States

Posted Feb. 10, 2019

My German pointer tore his ACL and had surgery, so I've been putting a hard plastic cone on his neck to avoid him picking at his back leg. So far, we're about two months in, and he seems to have actually become one with the cone! The rare moments I'll take off the cone, like for a quick bath, are when he shows me that he actually likes the cone. He'll sniff at it and nudge it around on the floor, and when it comes time to put it on again, he sits very still and points his snout up for me.

Not going to lie — it's also super comical to see my dog trotting around the yard with this huge plastic cone around his neck. He looks like an adorable flower. But most importantly, using a cone for recovery is a method with which you can't go wrong. I'd be surprised if your own dog didn't take a liking to their cone like my pup has.

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