Treatment Name: Exercise: Stretching / Range of Motion

Treatment Type: Exercise and Fitness Activities

Rated for: Bichon Frise

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Most important for dogs recovering from an injury or surgery

Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Feb. 23, 2018

After any kind of orthopedic surgery, especially if one of the joints was operated on, first exercises you should start are these, before moving on to other types.
These exercises will help ligaments and muscles regain a bit of their strength so they can keep the joint stable enough for your dog can move to walking and swimming or other exercise to regain strength in muscles and joints.
Depending on which surgery technique was used to treat ACL rupture, range of motion exercise may or may not be required.
When lateral suture technique is used, most commonly dogs wont use their leg for at least a week, and in these cases range of motion exercises are quite useful in keeping the joints and muscles active before the dog starts using them again.
In case some more advanced technique like TTO or TPLO was used, dogs tend to start using their leg a day or two after surgery, so range of motion exercises usually aren't necessary.
All of this is highly case/dog dependent and you should always heed advice from the vet treating them, if they recommend you do these exercises with your dog, you should definitely do it.

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