Treatment Name: Medical Procedures: Euthanasia

Treatment Type: Medical and Surgical Procedures

Rated for: German Shepherd Dog

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Common ending of ARF

Vuk Ignjic DVM



Posted Jun. 5, 2018

Animals who suffer acute renal failure are often euthanized since blood dialysis and kidney transplants aren't as available in veterinary medicine as they are in humans.
If kidney injury is reversible, dogs usually require 5-7 days of treatment for kidneys to recover, but in cases where kidneys are damaged beyond repair, there aren't a lot of options available for dogs. There are veterinary hospitals which can perform dialysis and even kidney transplants, but these are very expensive procedures, with questionable outcomes, so very few owners opt for them.

In cases in which conventional treatments don't help, and dialysis and transplantation aren't an option, euthanasia is the only humane choice, otherwise, your dog will just be dying in anguish for some time.

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