Treatment Name: Behavior Modification: Desensitization

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Collie (Smooth) / Lurcher Mix

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San Clemente, California, United States

Posted Jan. 20, 2019

When dealing with any fear, aggressive or otherwise, distance is your friend. Find out how far the dog needs to be away from the subject of their fear and work from there.

I recently worked with a dog who is fearful of people and dogs on walks outside of his home. My mentor trainer and I took him to a field along the beach. Oso, the dog, watched people pass by and was rewarded when he brought his attention back to mom.

Many times, dogs learn to bark because it makes the scary thing go away. You want to show them that the scary thing will leave without barking. If the dog does begin to bark, move him away and treat when he focuses on you.

Desensitizing a dog that is afraid can be a long process. The older the dog or the more bad association the dog has with the stimuli only makes it worse. Be patient and remember distance is your friend.

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