Treatment Name: Clicker Training

Treatment Type: Training Techniques

Rated for: Africanis / Affenpinscher Mix

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Clicker train your dog to go on command!




Cookeville, Tennessee, United States

Posted Jan. 25, 2019

The best uses for clicker training, when you are house training, are teaching your dog to do his business on command, and teaching him to alert you that he needs to go outside.

To teach a dog to eliminate on command, it's as simple as clicking when they begin to squat and rewarding them (calmly and quietly; dogs don't really like to be startled in the middle of doing that). When you get to where you can tell they are about to squat, you add the cue by saying "Potty" or "Bathroom" or whatever word you want to use right before they squat, then clicking and rewarding when they do it.

To teach a dog to alert you to his needs, you can hang a bell on the door. Click whenever he touches it and let him outside (in this case, the reward is opening the door).

Clicker training is great for so many things, including house training!

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