Treatment Name: Exercise: Aquatic Therapy

Treatment Type: Exercise and Fitness Activities

Rated for: German Shepherd Dog

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Helping my dogs stay healthy and in shape while having them trained.




Posted Nov. 21, 2017

Aquatic therapy is good for all dogs. My dog has arthritic pain and was looking quit depressed. My vet told me about aquatic therapy and I have to say, since we started with the therapy, it has been going a lot better with our dog. He's happier , he's moving again and I can certainly recommend this treatment to everyone, whether it is for exercise, pain or even after surgery. Since it was working so well we let our puppy join. Training the puppy I thought would be impossible, but I guess , I was wrong. He's behaving so much better. He's obedient and he's very active too. So out of my own experience I can say that aquatic therapy has been a blessing to me and my dogs.

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